The Crisis Show Library on Audio Now Rolling Out




Today we’re proud to begin the rollout of The Crisis Show Library on audio. It will consist of nearly all 100 episodes of The Crisis Show that began production in June 2012 and running through Spring 2015.

We are rolling out 20 of our favorite shows this weekend on a wide variety of topics: natural disasters/emergency management, social media crises, health crises, CEO leadership and workplace violence to name a few.

For the past three years, we’ve put much effort into making the show about crisis management education from many angles. And we’ve attracted some of the best minds in the business around the globe as guests — all who have given much of their time to deliver information viewers/listeners can use immediately. I thank them!

The show has mostly been broadcast live (with some pre-recorded the same day) to deliver up-to-date analysis of high profile crises: Newtown, CT school shooting, Superstorm Sandy, Australia brushfires, a Brazil nightclub tragedy, a horsemeat scandal that swept Europe, virus outbreaks on cruise ships, deadly tornadoes and earthquakes, the Boston Marathon bombing and major transportation disasters around the world.

We’ve covered CEOS, world leaders, college presidents and celebrities involved in recalls, scandals, crimes, natural/manmade disasters and reputation crises.

This Crisis Show was born on Google Hangouts on Air/YouTube and you can still watch the videos there. But having high resolution audio files that can be easily played in your car, tablets/iPads and mobile phones makes it more accessible than ever. (Note: My guitar hero Jimmy Page was NOT available to produce the audios but they still sound pretty darn good:))

Most episodes will cost $2.99 with a few at $3.99 because of their extra time/file size and additional guests. These include our special “Back to School” episodes and some “anniversary” editions that include mini All-Star teams of crisis management packed into extended shows.

If you ultimately purchased the entire library at say $299, that’s still cheaper than what you would pay today for a one or two hour webinar or seminar. So, in my humble opinion, every episode we make available is a fabulous value and costs less than most fancy coffees. Caffeine aside, this information WILL help you sleep at night because you will quickly gain confidence in your ability — and your staff’s ability — to manage a serious crisis that can ruin your organizations reputation.

We’re using a platform called Gumroad and hope you find it easy to use for purchasing and downloading your files from The Crisis Show Library. But if you have any issues with it, just email me: or You can also DM me on Twitter via @RichKleinCrisis and @TheCrisisShow.

Thanks to everyone around the world who has watched and supported the show the past three years.

And thanks in advance to those ready to buy our audio episodes.

You will certainly learn much about what to do and say before, during and after a crisis to protect hard-earned reputation in front of your critical audiences.

PS…We don’t want to break the Internet by rolling out all episodes at once so please be patient as we spread these out over the coming week.


General Counsel Echo What Many Legal PR, Legal Marketers Have Been Saying For Years

This is a great piece of video because it supports what many of us in law firm public relations and legal marketing have been saying to lawyers and law firms for years about the best way to get business from general counsel.

Nearly Half of General Counsels Surveyed Haven’t Updated Their Crisis Management Plans

A story in General Counsel magazine published today points out that 47 percent of GC’s have not updated their crisis-management plan to take account of the risks they may face in 2012, compared with only 36 percent who said they had.

As someone who has long advised lawyers, law firms and companies on crisis management, here are some immediate actions these GC’s (and their outside law firms) might take:

1) Create a crisis communications team right now if you don’t have one. Depending on the company size, the team should include the CEO, COO, GC, key outside attorney, HR officer, chief marketing officer,  top public affairs/public relations staffer (or senior person from outside PR agency) and heads of information technology and building security. If your company has multiple offices, include the top executives in those offices as well.

2) Gather the team in a conference room to assess/discuss brewing crisis situations. Some could be leftover from 2011 and others might be right over the horizon. Every company has a few on any given day. They range from disgruntled employees, crimes committed by employees or executives, allegations of sexual harassment, allegations of age/race/religious discrimination, lawsuits alleging faulty products, or a negative story about the company’s products or services that are  about to be published in a major business magazine, online and on radio/television. Of course, there are also the many “no fault” crisis situations like natural disasters and terrorism that every business needs to plan for.

3) Adjust your crisis management/crisis communications plan to include these scenarios and the real crisis situations that you know are particular to your company right now and in the near future.

4) Have your public relations professionals begin to DRAFT media statements that would respond to any of the crisis situations that you know are about to happen or to prepare for some of the items listed above in #2. Then, rehearse how your team will respond to various crisis situations. Some key things to remember here: insure that all members of the crisis communications team know their roles in a crisis, that everyone has full contact information of the entire team, and that the company speaks with one voice.

5) Check your social media. Are you answering customer complaints quickly and responsibly? Are you using Facebook/Twitter/YouTube to communicate your company’s goodwill and mission? Do you have a SENIOR person managing these accounts who understands online reputation and not just the technology?

Finally, please note that there are three key timelines in a crisis: Before, During and After. Too many companies don’t pay attention to these issues until they are in the middle of a crisis. So get prepared long before the crisis hits.

To read my articles published by and others on this subject, please visit my LinkedIn profile at and scroll to the bottom to download a PDF ( You can also learn more at If you need help with a brewing crisis, please email or call 646-789-5459.





Law Professor Discusses General Counsels and the Court of Public Opinion

Professor Michele D. Beardslee

Michele D. Beardslee, associate professor at the University of Miami School of Law, will be our guest on Blog Talk Radio this Tuesday, December 8 to discuss her new study on corporate lawyers and the court of public opinion.

The LawFirmsPR show will begin at 2 p.m. Eastern Time and finish at 2:45 p.m and there will be time for call-in questions.

Professor Beardslee’s current research investigates the role general counsels play in managing public relations for high profile corporate legal controversies. Part one of her “Advocacy in the Court of Public Opinion: Broadening the Role of Corporate Attorneys,” appears in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics. The second installment, “Advocacy in the Court of Public Opinion, How Far Should Corporate Lawyers Go?” will appear in the same journal in 2010.

Professor Beardslee teaches courses in professional responsibility, civil procedure, and business associations.

To listen to the live interview on Tuesday, December 8 at 2 p.m., please click here at that time.