How Law Firms Can Use Social Media in 2011

Here are my 10 predictions about law firms and their use of social media in 2011. (Disclaimer: It’s also a wish list!)

1–Lawyers will start using Facebook for business. (And many will say I’m nuts for suggesting this). Want to start one? Click here and the link takes you to Facebook’s page site.

2- More law firms will discover the benefits of using high definition digital video to promote their firm’s culture and they will link to YouTube.

3–Law firm management will pay much more attention to the use of social media to protect reputation and especially during a crisis.

4- Twitter use will increase among lawyers, who will use it for linking to their white papers, news releases, bylined articles, media coverage and court decisions relevant to their practice areas.

5–Lawyers will start using their LinkedIn profiles’ status bar to begin posting valuable information of interest to prospects and clients. Of course, if you also have a Twitter account, LinkedIn makes it easy to simultaneously Tweet your Linkedin status as shown in the hyperlink above. (Lawyers will also discover the power of LinkedIn’s many targeted groups to distribute this information and begin using LinkedIn’s search engine for gathering intelligence).

6–Microblog sites like Twitter, Posterous and Tumblr will slowly but surely grab the attention of lawyers because they allow for short posts that can written quickly and uploaded easily from tablet computers and mobile devices.

7–Educational podcasts, using sites like BlogTalkRadio, will allow more lawyers to reach larger audiences from their desks rather than traveling and spending $$ to get a large audience into a hotel conference room.

8–Law firms will discover the power of live video streaming and begin using sites like USTREAM and Justin.TV for reaching new prospects anywhere in the world.

9–Companies that build websites for law firms will see a steep decline in business unless they can also prove they understand how to use social media effectively and integrate it with a firm’s entire online presence.

10–Law firms will increasingly make social media part of their business development planning and execution. And hopefully, these firms will opt for an experienced person or team to manage social media instead of an intern or junior staffer.

What do you think? And, are you using any of these social media tools? Please leave any comments below.

P.S…Here’s my post from this time last year on law firm communications. Hint: there’s a connection between last year’s post and this one.

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One thought on “How Law Firms Can Use Social Media in 2011

  1. Rich, I agree with what you’ve said here. In fact, at my
    law firm Sands Anderson PC, we are already making your predictions
    true! We now have 10 active blogs! Our blogs include Virginia Local
    Government Law,, which I edit and on which I
    am the primary author. See the homepage of the firm at (right hand column) for the full list blogs
    and links. We have a number of attorneys active on Twitter,
    including myself @AndrewMcRoberts, business/venture lawyer Tom
    Bowden @VentureLawyer, and North Carolina attorney Donna Chmura
    @DonnaChmura. The firm also tweets more generally @SandsAnderson
    and @SocialLawyers. We have attorneys who have gotten business
    referrals via Facebook. We have been active in video marketing, as
    you suggest for 2011. We have most of our attorneys filmed for
    posting on YouTube. Each attorney’s video link is also found on
    their attorney homepage through the firm’s website, (click on “attorneys” then on any individual
    attorney’s name). I also have a “welcome to the blog” segment on
    YouTube, linked through the blog, of course. See http://www.VaLocalityLaw,
    left column. We have begun filming short videos of general interest
    to prospective clients and posting them on YouTube as well. An
    example is Phyllis Katz’ “Employment Law Tip”: Several Sands Anderson
    attorneys including myself hosted a video CLE over the internet on
    “Vested Rights in Virginia” back in May 2010. Registration was done
    online, and content was distributed over the internet as well. Over
    200 attorneys and planners from all over Virginia participated.
    As a result of all of these social media and internet education and
    marketing efforts, the Virginia Lawyers Weekly named me one of its
    2010 “Leaders in the Law.” I was
    honored and excited. Nearly all of our Sands Anderson attorneys are
    on Linked In, including myself. We have found this a
    very accessible form of social media for attorneys. Thanks for your
    blog post. I can assure you that many of your predictions for 2010
    are right on the money, as evidenced by Sands Anderson’s progress
    in the areas of social media and other internet marketing. Andrew

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