IPad Will Increase Readership of Online Newspapers, Social Media & Looks Like Good Tool For Lawyers

After watching Steve Jobs unveil the IPad, and with the The New York Times given free air time to promote their website on the new device, I’m convinced that this will ultimately spell the end of many more print publications.

The real question, then, will be: How much can media companies charge for online subscriptions? The Wall Street Journal has been successful for years with the paid model but Newsday.com and many others have not. The New York Times, which recently announced that it will start charging for content, will likely succeed because its website has always done a great job of integrating graphics and digital video stories to compliment a neat layout. The key to the IPad’s success will be affordable and dependable Internet access everywhere, not just in certain spots.

The IPad also seems like a perfect device for litigators in particular, but I haven’t heard yet about its security features — which has prevented many law firms from making the switch from Blackberrys and PC-based systems to IPhones and Macs.

Your thoughts?

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